Latest aPix Minecraft Server Build

This is the Mountain Side Inn, it is an extensive four level structure with many rooms and plenty of space to add custom structure additions.

It is surrounded by a two square deep mote and is fortified with double barrior safeguards featuring lookout towers and a high citadel. The Mountain Side Inn is sixty four blocks in depth, eighty five blocks wide and eighty blocks tall.

There will soon be a guide here available on how to install this into your world. Just remember the import build name is case sensitive and for this project it is MountainSideInn.

aPix Server Requirements

This is a quality 100% independent private server hosted and maintained by me. There are limited slots for entry into the server and creative mode is not immediately available. The Minecraft Server focuses on creative maturity, fine art, and photography along with the ability to survive. If you would like to join the aPix Media Minecraft Server there are a few requirements to be met first.

1. You need to be a member of
2. You need to take the server seriously

The server has been in active development for ten years now, as such it has settled into an extremely efficient, stable world completely independent of third party services. New features are added and tested all the time. The server is up twenty four hours a day, 365 days a year, features an in game economy, dimensional & astral travel, and discord integration. The list goes on longer than I can currently remember…