Gypse Girl

Unknown Photographer & Date

The Roaring 20s era continuously proves to be one of the most extravagant time periods America has yet to see. Between the new motion pictures and glamorous estates of the wealthy it is quite easy to see why. The fashion of the 1920s is no different and certainly qualifies the enchanting lifestyle. However not everyone in the 1920s was draped in jewelry and furs. The Roma- Gypsy people of the 1920s were much more minimalistic and their attire certainly portrayed that. Starting from the top of her head a 1920s woman would make sure her hair displayed both her rebellious and flirtatious sides. Women would typically bob their hair and finger.

Young Gypsy girls who haven’t reached the point of menstruation would wear dresses from shops and usually go unnoticed as being Gypsy. Gypsy women would typically wear a long pleated skirt (that includes 7-12 yards of material) the length of this very skirt varies by age and occasion but it is always below the knee. The older the woman the longer the skirt would be, suggesting that older gypsy woman would have a floor length skirt. For a top a Gypsy woman would traditionally wear a flowy blouse. Although Gypsy women’s fashion is far different from typical 20s apparel, men’s Gypsy fashion isn’t as far off. Much like young gypsy girls, the young men wear the same attire as American children. However they may also be seen dressing like their fathers either in a suit and felt hat with a feather, or in ranch attire.